Ubuntu Plus AddonCD

Esta es una alternativa a Ubuntu Dapper Addon CD que lamentablemente no esta disponible en este momento. 

Welcome to our development website!


First Testing version Released!

Ok, so here is the info for the CD and the online debian repository. Dapper CD: http://www.tikal26.net/ubuntu/ubuntuplus-dapper_2006-06-07.iso Breezy CD: http://tikal26.net/ubuntu/ubuntuplus2006-05-30.iso

open Synaptic and click on Edit -> Add CD… from the menu bar.

Then click “mark all upgrades,” and if you do a search for “ubuntuplus” you can find meta-packages, such as one that installs media programs and codecs, an internet one which upgrades firefox to 1.5, and others.

Or, open /etc/apt/sources.list AS ROOT (or sudo) in your favorite text editor, and add this to the end:

Dapper: deb http://tikal26.net/ubuntu/apt dapper main

Breezy: deb http://tikal26.net/ubuntu/apt breezy main

The first and foremost goal for the project is to create an addon CD for slow internet (or no internet) users, which has the updates since release, as well as very commonly used and useful packages. Since this is the first goal, and not the only one, we also have a debian repository set up. The majority of the CD is made up of main and universe “official” Ubuntu packages, but there are some specifically created for this project, including Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5 debs for Breezy, which update the installed 1.0.8 version without distroying it, as this is a big jump. There is also MPlayer made to work on all CPUs with optimations and more codecs than the official Ubuntu Breezy one. Transmission is a bittorent client with a feel similar to utorrent on Windows. You don’t need the large memory use of Azureus or the multiple windows of official/tornado/gnometorrent.

Transmission deb:

There has been some interest in this file in particular.

The .deb for transmission in this project will work on Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy and 6.06 LTS (aka 6.04) Dapper, but may or may not work on other Debian based distros, it has not been tested on others. You can give it a try, shouldn’t hurt anything.

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